Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring and New Beginnings

Lately I've been thinking to myself that I'd like a place to compile my different knitting projects and pictures of my flowers.  I felt that a blog would be a good way to stay updated and organized, as well as share with my friends and family. So welcome to my blog, Blooms and Stitches!  Through this blog I will post about my works in progress and some previous finished knitting projects.  I will also share my progress with gardening around the house, like my orchids and several annuals and perennials.  Lastly, I will share some of my hiking experiences around Tennessee.

Spring has officially arrived and what better way to kick it off than to show some of my tulips that I grew over the winter.  I forced the bulbs by placing them in a jar with some stones and water at the bottom, put them in a dark, cool spot until they sprouted and then moved them to a sunny windowsill.  I've never grown tulips before, but after these cheerful blooms, I've become a fan!  Enjoy!

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