Monday, July 1, 2013

Around the House

Hello! Hello! Just thought I would share what's been going on around the house lately, especially with the flowers and the garden. I can't believe that today is July 1st! Once the 4th rolls around, the rest of summer will fly by I'm sure. So far the heat here has not been as bad as last year, thank goodness! This time last year it was hitting triple digits and not a drop of rain in sight. However, for the month of June we had six inches of rain more than the average, so that means lots of growth!

The garden is growing and growing with no end in sight. Brendan harvests about 6-8 squash and zucchini plants per day, so it's really starting to add up. The tomatoes are ripening, eggplants sprouting and beans lengthening as we speak. We even have some melons started on the trellises. One can really get lost in our garden! It is an oasis with all the vegetables and flowers growing and even the honey bees buzzing as they pollinate, but the mosquitoes tend to ruin the fun of it all.

Part of the garden

The zinnias growing in the garden

Our heirloom summer squash and zucchini

Our two year anniversary was a couple weeks ago on June 22nd (hard to believe) and Brendan got us some Adirondack chairs and table for the front porch. They came au natural, so we stained them an English chestnut color and then bought some shade plants and pots to create a relaxing setting for us. It was a very nice present, a surprise to me, and I absolutely love it all! We still need to poly the chairs and maybe find some artwork to hang on the house, but we are still enjoying it.

I've included several more pictures; one can never go wrong with pictures. And coming up soon will be more daylilies (lots!), a knitting project and even some dahlias!

Lime and Queen Red Lime Zinnias


Bachelor Button


The flower on the bean plants, I thought they were pretty.