Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Well it's about time I posted again, this time from a new home...I'm back in Northern Michigan and much happier. I guess you could say that Tennessee just wasn't for us, so Brendan and I are on to something new and something big; we are planning on starting a vineyard and winery. We already have land available to us behind my parents house, so next spring we will be planting about 3,600 vines or about five acres. It will be a huge project to take on, but we are excited and ready to get started. So far we've cleared most of the land and need to get the vines ordered; then we wait through the long winter until the fun begins.

For now I am back working at an old job, but hoping something will open up at a local non-profit. I've already inquired about volunteering with some and am taking on the role of trail steward and preserve steward for the Gauthier Preserve in Cheboygan for the Little Traverse Conservancy. I meet with the volunteer coordinator tomorrow and am excited to get started. Other than that, nothing else is new. I'm glad to be back in colder weather to keep on knitting more and more! I will have some finished projects to post soon, so keep an eye out for them.

As the leaves continue to fall more and more each day, I will be sad to see Fall leave the area. So here are some pictures I've captured of the season during my trip out to New York.

The view from Brendan's mom's house.

Hike at Grafton Lakes State Park, NY

Rock cairns in the water during our hike.

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  1. So glad you are happy to be back in Cheboygan! We're glad to have you home once more--Tennessee was quite a hike. Now you have to get re-acclimated to Northern Michigan winters:D