Monday, June 17, 2013

Daylily Catch-Up!

Well I gave you all one day of relief from the daylilies, but since we had a rainy day I thought I should catch-up with all of the daylily pictures on here. I have been slacking, I must say, as I just counted how many new ones there are and got 16, give or take a few! The weather hasn't been cooperating with us lately to take decent photos; some days they wouldn't be fully open before I left for work and then in the evening they would be so faded. Since there are so many new ones, it is hard for me to pick a favorite! Some that I really like are: "Chinese Cloisonne," "Noble Lord," "Picotee Rippled Ruffles," "Spacecoast Bold Buccaneer" and more and more and more...Plus there are still a lot more to bloom! Just a warning, there are lots of pictures in this post, so sit back and enjoy!

Chinese Cloisonne

Diamond Dusted Borders

Dixie Rhythm

Festive Art

Jamaican Me Crazy
Dreams Come Through

Indy Heart Stopper

Night Breeze

Only Believe
Noble Lord

Picotee Rippled Ruffles

Rainbow Candy

Spacecoast Bold Buccaneer

Spanish Sketch

Tetra Dragon's Eye


  1. All so beautiful! My faves are the Spacecoast and Picotee. Too bad you have such a short time to enjoy the blooms...that's when pictures are so nice to have.

  2. What a treat! Those were incredible!