Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Daylily Craze Begins!

Even though I already posted about one daylily blooming, that was just a warm-up. This morning we woke up to not only one, but three new blooms among the daylilies! These ones are called Festive Fall, Killer Instinct and Sea Swept Dreams. Festive Fall's bloom was not up to par, so I need to capture another one. Killer Instinct's bloom is around 7" and it may look like two different flowers in the pictures, but it is just how much it faded during the day. My favorite from today is Sea Swept Dreams. Its bloom is almost bigger than my hand! Plus I like its ruffles and pearlescent petals, so romantic looking. Tomorrow there will probably be only one blooming, but not to worry, almost every daylily has a flower spike. So exciting!! We also had a few zinnias and cosmos bloom, but they're not as showy as the daylilies. Enjoy all the pictures!

Killer Instinct in the morning.

Killer Instinct in the afternoon.

Festive Fall

Sea Swept Dreams in the morning.

Sea Swept Dreams compared to my hand.

Sea Swept Dreams in the afternoon.

A Cosmos

The lime Zinnia

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  1. They are all so beautiful! I didn't realize how big they are from the picture you sent to me via cellphone. The red is so intense in "Killer Instinct". Can you imagine a whole bed of them blooming at once? Love the lime zinnia as well.