Saturday, June 29, 2013

Finished: 22 Little Clouds

I did it! I finally finished my first shawl, 22 Little Clouds. It wasn't the most exciting thing to knit, as it was a no-brainer, but it was perfect to work on after some long days working outside. Plus, the finished product is super cute! I like the clean lines of the pattern and the ruffled edge just adds a little something. Previously, I was hoping to use this yarn as a cardigan, but I'm glad I didn't. I love the yarn of course, but couldn't imagine wearing the colorway as a sweater. This Malabrigo yarn in Lotus is perfect for an accessory to add a pop of color and it is soft and squishy! After knitting this shawl, I must say that I'll be knitting plenty more! My mother warned me of this addiction, but she is right, I enjoyed knitting it, plus they use just the right amount of yarn and can create so many different color combinations or lace techniques. I'm sure you'll be seeing more shawl projects on here, however, for my next project I'm thinking about making a tank top...

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  1. Very well done! Pick a coordinating color for your tank top, and you'll have an outfit. From the pictures, maybe a grey? Or would that be more of a lavender, like Knit Picks Lilac Mist in Comfy fingering, or Whisper in CotLin DK? I know how you like purples. The ruffles on the Mackinac Tank might go well with the ruffles on your shawl. There are a lot of tank patterns in the Knitscene Summer 2013 magazine which you should be receiving today. Got my Daybreak shawl washed and blocked yesterday. Dad announced to me that Big Kitty was sleeping on it (while it was still pinned to the blocking mats)this morning. Fortunately she didn't molest it like she usually does to wool yarns! The Weather Channel reported that the southeastern states will be experiencing cooler than normal weather for the month of July--knit on!!