Sunday, June 16, 2013


You all have probably seen enough daylilies by now, so you are lucky enough that one of my calla lilies bloomed this past week. This one is called "Mozart" and is an apricot/peach color with red streaks. When it first bloomed on the plant, it was a light yellow color and since I cut it and put it in water it has darkened. It is pretty neat how some of the callas will change like that. So in a few days it may look different from these pictures! Unfortunately, after "Mozart" bloomed I had to dig it up because some of the leaves started yellowing and falling over, which meant the tuber/bulb was rotting. I think I saved it just in time though; it didn't hit the large part of the tuber. This isn't the first one of the callas that I have almost lost though. Last month the same thing happened to one called "Akela." I didn't notice it as early though and now only have two little tubers of "Akela" now. So sad. You may ask, "Why are they rotting?" Well, the soil here in our yard really sucks! It is just a nasty red clay! Even though we built up where the callas are planted, they are still sitting on the clay and it has rained so much here lately that the dirt isn't able to dry out. I just need to keep an eye on them. But here are the pictures of "Mozart" and the callas. Enjoy!



Mozart before cutting

All the calla lilies


  1. Peat, you need more peat! And less rain!!! The lily is so pretty, but you could use something besides a Mason jar to display it in. Or is that a milk bottle?

    1. It is actually an old molasses bottle...just recycling!