Monday, June 10, 2013

Lake Country Sunshine

Good morning! Since it is raining here again, which means we are not working, I thought I'd go ahead and post more pictures from the weekend and today. Luckily, I was able to get out there this morning and take pictures before the rain ruins them. I think my favorite daylily for today's post is "Lake Country Sunshine." It is a small solid yellow one, about 4", with ruffles. To me, it is just so cheerful! Another favorite of mine, which is not a daylily, is a pinkish-purple zinnia. They are just so vibrant! It seems like we have seen a lot of the daylilies so far, but we counted today and there are still 41 new ones to come. Woo hoo!

Lake Country Sunshine

The Zinnias

Here are all the new daylilies for this post...I think "Sassy Sally" looks a lot like "Sea Swept Dreams" from last week, but it is supposed to be more pink.


Mystic Mariner

Tar and Feather

Marilyn Siwik

Destined to See

Sassy Sally

And here are some repeats from before..."Seaside Sunrise" looked a lot more bronze today and "Clueless" doesn't look so deformed as a double.

Seaside Sunrise


That's all for now! Enjoy!!

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  1. Cold, cloudy, tres gloomy here so your pictures sure help brighten the day! Our snowball bush is heavy with blooms, however, kind of goes with the weather. Summer officially starts next week? Not around here! Before we know it, the leaves will be turning and snow falling.